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cHm MUSIC PRODUCTION: Audio & Video, Streaming

Chestnut Hall Music specializes in providing a high level of creative and technical support for those we work with, fostering a collaborative approach for producing the projects, and pushing the boundaries of innovation and musical excellence in whatever we do.  

  • produce live and studio video productions, both on-demand and live streaming on the Internet. Our clients include, the world's leading classical musc channel.
  • record CDs for mainline and independent labels in Canada and abroad, as well as for Chestnut Hall Music.
  • provide concert season archival recordings for ensembles
Our recordings are regularly broadcast internationally on CBC and streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Suzie LeBlanc, Helmut Lipsky, Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur
Suzie LeBlanc, Helmut Lipsky, Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur


Kevin Ramessar in concert at Victoria Park Pavillion
As part of the development and promotion of its artists, Chestnut Hall Music presents professionally mounted concert productions, including publicity, lighting, sound reinforcement and stage management. 

cHm CD LABEL: Chestnut Hall Music

Chestnut Hall Music
Chestnut Hall Music is a vibrant contributor to the musical fabric of the Waterloo Region by supporting regional artists.  Click on the Catalogue button on this page to explore our CDs.

Our CDs are available on-line at and streaming on Spotify.


Contact us if you have any enquiries, including bookings and orders.
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