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 About cHm | Who We Are

Chestnut Hall Music is an established producer of music productions in Canada. 


Chestnut Hall Music is a Canadian-owned and operated label and music production company.

The company produces music for artists for release on CD and on video, both on its own Chestnut Hall Music label, and on contract with other labels. It provides artist development services for musicians developing their careers by promoting them on the Internet, radio, recordings and through concert performance engagements.

cHm FACILITIES: Recording and Monitoring

We believe that many things come together in the making of a successful recording.  

Of first importance are the music, the musicians and the acoustic of the space it is being performed. Many of our recording projects are done on-location.  This reflects a belief that the best place to record music is where it is best heard.  

To capture the sound, the quality of the microphones and the experience of how to use them is important as well.

We use industry standard and vintage microphones by DPA, AKG, Shure, Neumann, and Sennheiser, along with some custom and lesser known designs including our main microphone array, hand-built by MBHO of Germany.  All powered by tube and vintage mic pre's (Neve/Focusrite, DBX, custom).

We record at hi-resolution sampling rates and bit depth, dependent on the requirements of the project (eg film, CD, Internet download, etc).

  La Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal
La Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal

Once recorded, the mixing, editing and mastering process will determine the final degree of success for a project.  If you can accurately hear what you are mixing-- the image, ambience and spectral balances-- you can then make it sound good.

Our mixing studio is equipped with a custom-built 5.1 surround sound monitoring system designed by Denis Tremblay of Adaptive Acoustics and also chief sound technologist for IMAX Corporation.  For detailed information on the design of this system, goto Adaptive Acoustics: The Story of the Chestnut Hall Music Monitor Loudspeakers.

Denis' designs are amongst the best in the industry.  His thorough understanding of the nature of sound and electronics combined with his refined musicality is greatly respected by a growing number of audiophiles and professionals.

cHm PRODUCER: Earl McCluskie

Chestnut Hall Music is owned and managed by producer Earl McCluskie. 

Earl McCluskie, Producer, Chestnut Hall MusicEarl is an audio producer/engineer, video producer/director and live sound engineer with Chestnut Hall Music.

He has produced and engineered studio and live CDs, video recordings and documentaries for many ensembles and performers including the Art of Time Ensemble (featuring Steven Page, Margot Timmins, Brent Carver, Melanie Doane, Jane Bunnett and Maqueque, Molly Johnson, Tom Wilson, Jackie Richardson, Andy Maize, Margaret Atwood and more), NYO Canada (with CBC’s Tom Allen), Canadian National Brass Project, National Academy Orchestra with Boris Brott, the Musical Stage Company, KW Symphony, the Festival of the Sound and the Juno-nominated recordings of Canadian composers Timothy Corlis and Leonard Enns.

He has directed live streaming videos of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra on, the world’s largest classical music video channel.   And he has provided live sound for recent tours/shows including Steven Page and Art of Time Ensemble (2 US tours, and one cross-Canada with major symphony orchestras), Liona Boyd, Dan Hill, Madeleine Peyroux and Buffy St Marie.


Earl has extensive technical work experience in Internet-technology based companies, notably with Open Text Corporation, a document management/search engine company that has recently extended its product line to include interactive web interfaces that incorporate media capabilities.  Along with hardware and systems design experience with IT companies, his technical knowledge enables a strong understanding of Internet technologies.


He is WebMaster/Bulletin Editor and Event Coordinator for the Toronto section of the international Audio Engineering Society.

With the Toronto AES, he has mounted annual conferences in collaboration with the CBC and Ryerson University, including a seminal conference in 2008 that brought together for the first time the major participants (studio owners, producers, engineers, technical) in the golden years of the recording industry in Toronto.



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